Black Ginger

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There’s a black Thai house, almost hidden in the centre of a peaceful and mysterious body of water surrounded by trees. When twilight approaches lanterns are lit and the floating house glows magically. This is Black Ginger.

Black Ginger is located at the Slate Phuket Resort and is designed after a Sino-industrial theme with Phuket’s tin mining era in mind. The entrance is decorated with silver shields and blue lights lead you to the pier in the clearing. A raft transports diners to the twin pavilions of Black Ginger. Inside, exquisite back and dark blue tables and chairs are lit by chandeliers.

The restaurant is perfect for fine dining and on a clear night the moon and stars twinkle overhead while discreet Thai music plays in the background. Appetizers start with Phuket fresh spring rolls with a generous helping of crab followed by O-tao using French fine de Claire oysters on salt served in their shells. The main dishes are kand pu-bai-chapoo (crab meat curry) kein tod (deep-fried mixed mince pork in sauce). There are also other Thai dishes carefully created by Chef Piek, an experienced chef with a long history in Phuket-derived dishes.

Chef Piek was born in the Thalang area in Phuket province where she grew up experiencing how best to prepare Phuketian dishes, learning from the well-known Na-Ranong family. All the ingredients are carefully selected from the best resources available in Thailand. All these factors – décor, originality, food quality – make Black Ginger one of the best restaurants in Phuket.

For more information, please visit: or call for reservations at 076-327006.

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