Street Art – Where it is and how to Take the Best Photos

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Phuket’s ‘Old Town’ is well known for its classic Sino-Portuguese architecture but nowadays there’s another reason to take a stroll around downtown: Street Art. Both local and international artists have contributed works and the resulting street art is part of a ‘FAT’ project (Food Art Town in Phuket). The artwork is located in a compact section of town, making it easy to go from piece to piece taking photos.  Here’s a description of some of the works and where to find them. Street Art – Where it is and how to Take the Best Photos

1.Picture of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej in Rama 9

Location:         Intersection on Dibuk Road.

Artist:              4 Studio

In Remembrance of his majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, a group of teachers and students called 4 Studio painted this picture of his majesty. The painting demonstrates His Majesty’s abilities in different ways showing his selflessness, generosity and compassion. To honour the monarch Thais learn to follow in his footsteps and carry on his royal legacies. But watch out for the traffic when taking a photo here because this painting is located at an intersection!

2.Red Tortoise Mardi

Location:         Thalang Road (Soi Rommanee Entrance)

Artist:              Alex Face

A little girl with a frowning face is transformed into a red tortoise or turtle, what Phuketians call an ang-ku-koe which is a red tortoise cake (representing longevity) that is commonly eaten during special religious festivals. This is a big piece of work and you may need to step back quite a bit to take it all in with your camera lens.

*Mardi is the girl with three eyes in a rabbit hoodie created by Alex Face


Location:         Thalang Road (Soi Rommanee Entrance)

Artist:              Rukkit

Just next to the Red Tortoise Mardy you’ll see a large pigeon picture in geometric colour style by an artist called Rukkit. This artwork represents childhood snacks that we remember. But to find out how many brands and what exactly they are you may need to take a look and think back a bit. Same as the Red Tortoise, you should take the photo from below so you can fit it all in the frame.

4.Vegetarian Festival

Location: in the front of Sintavee Hotel (Phang Nga Road)

Artist: Rukkit

When you walk down Phang Nga Road, stop at the Sintavee Hotel and you’ll find two works of art. The first piece is a lion’s head and the other is a picture representing Phuket’s yearly vegetarian festival illustrating nine lamps with Chinese writing – another prominent feature of the festival. If you look closer you’ll see details such as firecrackers, along with silver and gold foil. The best position to take the photo is to stand back away from the wall a bit so you can capture all the whole picture into your frame. Or you can use Phang Nga Road as a backdrop.


Location: Entrance to the Sintavee Parking Lot

Artist: P7

On the wall in front of the Sintavee parking lot you’ll see a colourful tiger. The artwork is done in the ‘Ko-Pi’ or Phuket-style of coffee that Phuketian usually have in the afternoon with snacks. You’ll also find other artwork here. Again, step back for the best photo.

6.Lion in front of the Chinese Shrine

Location:         Jiid Rad Nar on Phang Nga Road

Artist:              Lolay

On the wall opposite the Jiid Rad Nar restaurant, you’ll find an illustration of a lion and incense smoke (commonly seen in front of Chinese shrines) with a tableful of fruit along with a little girl and boy wishing you a happy new year.

7.On the Beach

Location:         Jiid Rad Nar on Phang Nga Road

Artist:              Muebon

On Jiid Rad Nar Restaurant’s wall you can see a big bird surfing with a sea turtle. This represents a famous local activity from days past which was waiting for and watching sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach. Sadly, this no longer happens.

8.The Puppet

Location:         On Sangtum Shrine’s entrance wall

Artist:              Ludmila Letnikova (Luda)

On the Sangtum Shrine’s entrance wall on the right side you’ll see some artwork that shows old Chinese traditional style puppets. This is the only street art work in Phuket that is not created by a Thai national. The best angle to take a photo here is standing by the incense bowl.

9.The lion on the Chinese Entrance Shrine

Location:         On The wall opposite Kasikorn Bank, Phang Nga Road

Artist:              Lolay

This picture is of a lion with a serious face with red Chinese-language writing wishing everyone a happy new year. The background is a white wall which blends beautifully with the picture. You can shoot the photo with a vertical shot.

10.‘Uncle’ and ‘Auntie’ selling O-Taw

Location:         On the wall right side on the first building on Phang Nga Road

Artist:              Pichit Paidan

These two pieces are different from other modern street artworks as they’re so realistic that you can easily imagine a real uncle and auntie on the wall. The best way to take a good shot of both photos is to stand at the opposite side of the road.

11.‘Mardi’ in Baba Dress

Location:         At the exit of the downtown market on Krabi Road.

Artist:              Alex Face

The last artwork is a Mardi wearing baba dress with a beautiful and colourful sarong pushing a cart full of money. Normally Baba dress is commonly worn at weddings but the artist Alex Face adjusts the baba dress into market style. Take the shot from the wall opposite, incorporating the old wall for maximum coolness.

*Mardi is the girl with three eyes in a rabbit hoodie created by Alex Face

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