Phuket Taosor Cake

Taosor is a locally made snack which is popular with visitors who like to take it back home as a souvenir of the island.

Taosor is originally a Chinese cake with a delicious filling. It looks similar to khanom pia but is smaller and has long been popular in Phuket. The sweet filling consists of preserved egg. However, there are variations such as pineapple, wax gourd, and black beans fillings. The signature feature of taosor is its crunchy crust.

Taosor’s crust is mainly made from wheat flour and there is a unique technique of kneading the flour to get a crunchy and crumbly texture. The mung bean filling is steamed and mashed then sweetened with sugar. For an alternative filling, a mix of salt, onion, coriander roots, and pepper is used. There’s also a sweet-and-sour filling made up of preserved eggs. After preparing the filling it is wrapped in dough then the outside is brushed with egg yolk which results in a golden crust after baking. Sometimes sesame seeds are sprinkled over it. The last step is to stamp a Chinese symbol on each cake.

You may want to try some taosor so we have some recommended stores for you.

Firstly, Khun Mae Ju Phuket

a famous souvenir shop. Their taosor with a sweet filling won first prize in the Southern Souvenir Contest 2019. Their taosor cakes come with eight different fillings and are uniquely packaged in a way that represents Phuket culture.

Secondly, Mae Boon Tahm

a store that provides daily homemade taosor. There are three branches – Surin Soi 4, Samkong, and Damrong Road.

Lastly, Keng-Tin

is a shop that’s been selling taosor for several generations now. Theirs is especially crunchy and is sold ready-wrapped in cellophane.