Phuket Style Noodle Season Two

อร่อยไม่ใช่เล่น เมนูเส้นสไตล์ภูเก็ต Season2

After receiving such good feedback about a recent article about noodle shops in Phuket here’s a second version! Enjoy!

Yi Hu Eeng Chia

Not so easy to pronounce is it? This noodle dish is served up at Mee Pae Theo noodle shop. The main ingredients (also the name of the dish) are dried squid and morning glory which lend a certain crunchy texture, all floating in a special orange Chinese sauce. The dish has been passed down from generation to generation and nowadays it can feature fried shrimp, red pork and boiled egg. This dish is similar to Yen Ta Four.  หยิ่วหูเอ้งฉ่าย1


Karee Mai Fun

The name of the dish hints at a curry-like flavour. It’s similar to Kanom Jeen but the noodles used are not the same. Its topping consists of chicken curry, bean sprouts and fried tofu. The taste is not extremely spicy and leans towards a creamy texture with coconut milk as well as added lime and pickles You can sample this dish at the Juan Hieng noodle shop on Poonpon Road, but only on Saturdays and Sundays. Another noodle shop Jee Nguad also sells this dish and is often sold out by the afternoon.



Mee Hoon Pa Chang

This dish consists of fried rice vermicelli with black sweet sauce. In Phuket Old Town during the late afternoon you can easily find this specialty. The caramelized brown noodles are served together with hot soup and pork bones.



Guay Tiew Gui

In Thai ‘Gui’ is simply means a mafia member or a gangster. The large rice noodles in this dish are fried with egg and pork oil to create a unique aroma. It’s all seasoned with chili and tamarind source, bean sprouts and topped with fried peanuts. It’s best sampled at the Jim Jae restaurant in front of Poonpon Soi 9.


Mee Thai

Traditionally an afternoon treat, this noodle dish focusses on rice vermicelli as its main ingredient and is prepared with black sweet sauce and fried with a topping of bean sprouts, yellow tofu, vegetables and fried eggs with some dried shrimp. Before being served up, some bean paste is added and all the ingredients are mixed well. Try this dish at Ton Chum Cha food center on Ranong Road or Mee Thai restaurant on Yaowarat Road.





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