Phuket Amazing Colorful Taste 2018

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Phuket Amazing Colorful Taste 2018 during 8-9 Dec 2018.

There are about 60 best selected restaurants come to join at this festival and some had guaranteed by Michelin Guide.

The first zone is White Table. The sit down dinner in luxury style. This zone must be reserve in advance at 076-310-100 or 

2nd zone is Blue Glamping; with barbecue and seafood on the grill. And some Phuket local menu such as O-Tao, Hokkien Noodle and etc.

3rd zone is red dish; with all non-local menus from all over the country that you can find here.

4th zone is the Rainbow Bar. This is cocktail zone where you can find variety of cocktail and enjoy the live concert.

8-9 Dec 2018 at Delphine Park Pating,

For more information, please contact 1672
TAT Phuket Office: 076-211036