Phuket’s top 6 places to pray for love

The festival of love is closing. Check this out if you don’t yet have a partner! There are 6 excellent locations in Phuket where people can pray for love.

  • 1. Guan Yin at Put Cho Shrine (Phuket Old Town)
  • 2. Lakshmi at Phuket Thendayuthapani Foundation
  • 3. Phra Trimurti at Central Phuket Floresta
  • 4. Ma Cho Po at Mae Ya Nang Shrine
  • 5. Tui Buai Teng Niang at Hainan Shrine
  • 6. Gaysinee at Phuket City Pillar Shrine 3

In every recommended location, you can not only ask for love but also for having children and success in life

1. Guan Yin at Put Cho Shrine (Phuket Old Town)

Guan Yin is known as the goddess of mercy. The God who loves and cares for all living creatures as a mother loves her children. Put Cho Shrine is a famous shrine where couples pray for respect to the goddess of mercy, Guan Yin, before the wedding ceremony. With this respect energy, this shrine is infused with the power of faith and love. There is a belief that where the energy of love is fully expressed, the blessings of love will follow. So, praying for love at Put Cho Shrine will be effective.

Incense, candles, oils, pearl necklaces, and lotus flowers are used in Guan Yin worship.

2. Lakshmi at Phuket Thendayuthapani Foundation

Lakshmi is the charming goddess of fortune, wealth, power, love, abundance, and beauty. People believe that Lakshmi, as Vishnu’s faithful consort, grants their wishes for fortune, wealth, and, most specifically, love.

In Phuket, you can visit the Indian temple at the Phuket Thendayuthapani Foundation to worship Lakshmi, the goddess of love, which allows people to pray and experience the Indian gods and goddesses.

On February 5th, a fire ceremony was held in honor of Kartikeya, the God of Victory and War.Pink lotus, marigold (for Ganesha worship), sugarcane juice, water, milk, five different fruits, and frankincense and incense are used in Lakshmi worship.

3. Phra Trimurti at Central Phuket Floresta

When people think of a place to ask for love, they always think of the graven image, Phra Trimurti, at Central World in Bangkok. In Central Phuket Floresta, Phuket, there is the same graven image that people come to every Valentine’s Day to pray for love and success.This graven image, however, is Panchamukhi Shiva, or the Five Faces of Shiva. There have always been people who worshipped and prayed for love and fulfillment. Therefore, they have misunderstood and shared their experience by calling this graven image Phra Trimurati. Nevertheless, many people still come to pray for love with Panchamukhi Shiva. So, it is dependent on your beliefs and faith. Most people pray for love, family life, work, and wealth.To warship Phra Trimurti, you need to prepare 9 red incense sticks, candles, roses, and fruits in red. 1 red candle for single people to make wishes come true. For couples, light two red candles and place them together to wish for a strong love.

4. Ma Cho Po at Mae Ya Nang Shrine

Ma Cho Po is known as Chao Mae Tubtim, goddess of the sea. Ma Cho Po, also known as “Tianghou Xiabo,” is the Hokkien people’s god at Mae Ya Nang Shrine. Locals refer to it as “Ma Zhou” or “Amah”.

 In addition to helping to protect sailors, worshiping Ma Cho Po can also help you find your true soul mate and fulfill your love wishes.

 9 oranges or apples, longevity Peach Steamed Buns 1 set, flower garlands, joss paper set, incense, and candles are used in Ma Cho Po worship.

5. Tui Buai Teng Niang at Hainan Shrine

Tui Buai Teng Niang is also known as Chao Mae Tubtim, the sea goddess at Hainan Shrine. Tui Buai Teng Niang is a Hainan local goddess from Tui Buai Village (located at the end of the pier), so she was given the name of the village “Tui Buai Teng Niang”. Tui Buai Teng Niang provides both protection and love wishes to people.

You will need 15 incense sticks, 2 candles, and candles for 7 consecutive days (you can contact the shrine) to worship the goddess of the sea (Tui Buai Teng Niang)

*refers to the Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where both Ma Zhou Tieng Hou Sieb and Tui Buai Teng Niang are worshiped.

6. Gaysinee at Phuket City Pillar Shrine 3

In the past, Thai people believed that it was necessary to sacrifice lives and invite their spirits to stay at the city pillar to protect the country.

Mae Kesinee is at City Pillar Shrine on Le Phang Beach, Phuket. There is a belief in holiness that you can only make one wish at a time.

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