Phuket SUP Paradise

Beginner’s Guide to Phuket SUP Route

SUP board, also known as Stand Up Paddle Board, is a popular activity in Phuket and is one of the activities that many people want to try in order to experience new perspectives. However, when starting out, one may encounter the problem of where to paddle. Today, we have a short route for novice paddlers, but the atmosphere during the paddle is amazing.

Let’s start with the first route, “Patong Beach,” which is a world-renowned tourist destination that offers a variety of water activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, surfing, and more. However, for those who are new to stand-up paddle board or those who are looking for a new location, we recommend trying the interesting and easily accessible route at “Bang Pae Canal.” This short stand-up paddle board route is located at the mouth of the canal, which is at the far end of Patong Beach. If you start from the bridge and paddle into the canal, you will experience the charm of the local way of life on the canal banks, including boat preparation and repair activities. Therefore, in addition to the fun of stand-up paddle board on this route, you will also experience new and interesting experiences. After paddling back out of Bang Pae Canal, you can also paddle along the coast to small bays with scenic forests and rock formations. The natural beauty of the area will welcome visitors and make this route suitable for those who want to try a relaxing stand-up paddle board experience.

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The next destination is “Ao Makham,” which can be accessed via the Island Camp Ground road, located next to the Crowne Plaza Phuket Panwa Beach hotel. This route may be somewhat mysterious for those who are unfamiliar with the area, but it is another great route for beginners to paddleboard. This is because Ao Makham has a characteristic cape that extends into the sea on both sides, creating a large bay with gentle waves that are suitable for novice paddlers. The paddling route follows a smooth beach path, passing through mangrove forests, a pier, and luxury hotels. If anyone wants to paddle and chill while taking beautiful pictures with a cool backdrop, this is an excellent option. In addition, the beach area is a great camping spot with a relaxing and chic atmosphere, and The Island Cafe is a place to stop by, relax, and add beautiful pictures to your gallery.


“Surin Beach” A Great View

Surin Beach is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful weather, crystal clear waters, and Phuket Water Sport Club. The club offers various classes for beginners to professionals in stand-up paddle board, making it a suitable spot for everyone. The paddle board route at Surin Beach is about 750-800 meters long and has a smooth beach path, making it easy for beginners to paddle back to shore. The beach is perfect for paddling all day long, and for photography enthusiasts, mornings and afternoons offer breathtaking views of the sky, clear waters, and the white sand beach. In the evening, paddling with the sun setting on the horizon is a stunning view that can’t be missed.


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In addition to the three locations mentioned above, there are many other places in Phuket such as:

  • The Play Yard trail – A trekking trail in the forest near Bang Pae Waterfall.
  • Banana Beach trail and Waeo Island trail.
  • Kata Karon Beach trail.
  • Ko Sireh trail – from Sun Shine Beach to Cape Tukkae.

The popularity of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) as a water activity has been on the rise due to its low impact, non-threatening nature. It can be done at a leisurely pace, but still presents a challenge in terms of balance and navigating various routes. SUP is a sport suitable for players of all ages and genders, and is a great way to experience new things and fall in love with the sport. In addition to recommending various routes, Phuket E-Magazine also provides a beginner’s guide to starting SUP.

including the following 4-step tips for standing on the board:

  1. Walk until the water is about knee-deep.
  2. Place one knee on the board and use both hands to hold onto the board.
  3. Slowly lift the other leg onto the board and stand up.
  4. Start paddling to increase the stability of the board.

SUP Tips: How to Get Back Up on Your SUP Board When Falling

  1. Climb up to the back of the board.
  2. Grab the tail of the board with both hands and pull it towards you.
  3. Grab both sides of the board and push yourself up onto the board.
  4. Use your feet to help push yourself up onto the board.
  5. Swim to retrieve your paddle and place it at the front of the board.
  6. Once you’re back on the board, get on your knees to stabilize and then stand up and continue paddling.

SUP Tip: Directional Control for Beginners

Paddle Forward: Paddle from the front to the back of the board in a straight line parallel to the board.

Stop: Paddle from the back to the front of the board in a straight line parallel to the board.

Move Right: Paddle straight towards the desired direction on the right side of the board.

Turn Right: Paddle on the left side of the board from the front to the back in a semi-circular arc.

 : Paddle from the front right side of the board to the back left side of the board in a semi-circular arc.

Turn Left: Paddle on the right side of the board from the front to the back in a semi-circular arc.

 : Paddle from the front left side of the board to the back right side of the board in a semi-circular arc.