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Advanced Technology and Medicine for Longevity and Quality of Life

In the pursuit of longevity and a high-quality life, the new era of healthcare emphasizes a balanced integration of knowledge, natural remedies, and a return to nature for holistic healing of both body and mind. Amidst this pursuit, there exists a place that invites us to retreat, heal our bodies, and explore our inner selves, fostering self-care and rejuvenation. This place is none other than Phuket, now a Wellness Destination that caters to all aspects of well-being. Phuket e-magazine has curated 5 locations that contribute to a balanced and fortified wellness journey.

Chivitr Wellness Retreat

For many, the most cherished aspect of life is spending it happily with loved ones, which highlights the importance of nurturing one’s health to ensure a lasting presence with those dear to us. This ideology serves as the foundation of Chivitr Wellness Retreat. This sanctuary for holistic health is the brainchild of Khun Porntip, a healthcare professional and the owner/founder of the retreat.

Khun Porntip’s journey began when she married an Italian race car designer and spent years abroad. During this time, she explored various health practices and alternative therapies. However, it was a health crisis faced by her husband that led them to discover the value of mindfulness and holistic healing. Through unfortunate circumstances, they stumbled upon the concept of “mindfulness,” natural therapies, and integrative medicine. This revelation marked the genesis of Chivitr Wellness Retreat and Clinic of Integrative Medicine.

What was once planned as a family residence on a hillside overlooking Nai Harn Beach evolved into a haven for rejuvenation and comprehensive well-being. The retreat’s design, meticulously overseen by Khun Porntip, was crafted to preserve the natural energy of the surroundings. It has become a true oasis for restoring both physical and mental tranquility. Chivitr Wellness Retreat offers a unique blend of Eastern wisdom and Western technology, encompassing a range of holistic treatments such as Sound Therapy, Meditation, Breathing Therapy, Aquatic Breathing, Thai Traditional Medicine including acupuncture and cupping, Chinese Traditional Medicine practices like guasha and reflexology, and herbal foot soaks. This holistic approach caters to the diverse needs of international visitors.

Chivitr Wellness Retreat boasts 11 exquisitely designed rooms, each named after a Thai or Chinese element. Upon arrival, guests engage in personalized health consultations, determining the most suitable programs. These programs, supervised by expert coaches and therapists, encompass various classes, nutritional guidance, and holistic therapies. The meals, carefully prepared to preserve the maximum nutritional value, are made from locally sourced ingredients, and even the water provided adheres to the principles of rainwater harvesting.

Whether it’s a half-day session focusing on breathwork, stress reduction, or pain relief, or a longer stay spanning from 3 days to 1 month, Chivitr Wellness Retreat offers more than fleeting joy – it offers lasting serenity and joy, a reconnection to nature’s true essence, and an opportunity to restore balance to life.

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คุณพรทิพย์ นพคุณ หรือคุณออ Owner & Founder Chivitr Wellness Retreat