Phuket Wellness Destination – Atmanjai

Advanced technology and medicine have been developed to assist people in maintaining their health and vitality as they age, promoting both longevity and a high quality of life. However, modern healthcare in this era emphasizes a holistic and balanced approach, incorporating traditional wisdom and practices to restore a natural state of well-being for both the body and mind. In this new age, if there is anywhere to retreat, it is for us to bring ourselves to a place of relaxation and self-discovery. It is a time to engage in self-care, reestablish a new equilibrium in life, and rejuvenate the body with positive elements, all to prepare for a high-quality life.

Phuket is currently emerging as a wellness destination that offers readiness in every aspect. It is a place where health enthusiasts long to be. In the Phuket e-magazine’s selection of 5 wellness destinations, these are places dedicated to enhancing your well-being, providing the perfect balance and strength to enrich your travel experience.


Surrounding us every day, it’s undeniable that our bodies are exposed to toxins that are unavoidable, originating from the air we breathe, the food we consume, and the demands of our daily lives. Detoxification, or detox, has become a popular approach to health care, aimed at restoring balance to the body. Detoxification doesn’t solely entail cleansing the intestines or eliminating accumulated waste and toxins from the body. It also encompasses purging emotional baggage and mental toxins from the mind. This place serves as a destination for relaxation, allowing both the body and mind to cleanse themselves in an atmosphere conducive to detoxification. Welcome to the Atmanjai Detox and Wellness Centre.

The name ‘Atmanjai’ is derived from the Sanskrit language, where the term ‘Atman’ signifies the true self, the pure soul. Atmanjai was founded by Mr. Starr Farish, an American entrepreneur with a resort business in the United States. His interest in and study of detoxification led him to realize that the climate in the US was not ideal for effective detoxification. After traveling to Phuket several years ago, he saw the potential of the island’s favorable climate for detoxification and decided to establish Atmanjai here.

“Phuket boasts a great atmosphere and excellent weather, making year-round detox possible. You cannot truly detoxify if you’re stressed; you need to be in a relaxing environment,” he says. This is the reason why Mr. Starr Farish chose to establish Atmanjai in Phuket, just a few steps away from Rawai Beach, allowing guests to experience sandy shores and breathtaking ocean views. Atmanjai has been in operation for 15 years, offering a variety of detox programs for different preferences.

Some of the programs include the Detox Program, designed to eliminate toxins and waste from the body; the Eat Well Detox Program, suitable for beginners and seniors aiming to adjust their dietary habits and lifestyle, and initiate a basic detox; the Juice Cleanse Detox Program, a detoxification method involving fruit and vegetable juices to replenish vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the body; and the Ultra Cleanse Detox Program, a comprehensive detoxification to eliminate everyday toxins and restore digestive functions. Each program has varying durations, ranging from 3 to 30 days, depending on individual preferences.

The health care programs here begin with a consultation with a detox advisor to analyze your health issues and understand your goals for coming here. This is because each individual has different health concerns and objectives. After the analysis, you can select a suitable program. Returning guests who have previously done detox programs here might have already chosen their program in advance.

Here, we take care of your dietary needs according to the chosen program. This includes fresh vegetable and fruit juices, fiber-rich drinks, and a variety of activities throughout the day to balance both the body and mind. These activities include fitness classes, yoga, Sound Bath Meditation, Reiki, relaxing massages, herbal steams, and various other wellness practices. Each class and therapy is guided by expert therapists. There are regular check-ins and progress assessments, and before concluding the program, there is an informative class about health care, so you can continue taking care of your health once you return to your daily routine.

Atmanjai welcomes international visitors from all around the world who travel to Phuket to take a break and engage in detoxification. Many people return each year, often encouraging friends and family to join them, to spend peaceful and rejuvenating time together in this tranquil setting.

The human digestive tract spans up to 10 meters in length. The food particles we consume, along with the air and water, may contain accumulated toxins that have been lingering for years. Detoxification aids in cleansing and purifying the intestines and bodily systems, restoring balance. We might discover that minor ailments or discomforts, such as rashes, allergies, insomnia, bloating, or chronic headaches, could alleviate or even disappear after a period of detoxification. Taking time for our bodies to rest and recuperate, while receiving genuine health care guidance, can truly lead to improved well-being.

Mr.Starr Farish