Phuket Bird Park

You can hear the sound of the birds cheeping away as soon as you step into Phuket Bird Park. Enjoy learning about the different species of birds under the shady trees, the place is the perfect outdoor classroom for both children and adults.

Phuket Bird Park has over a thousand birds with more than a hundred species in a surprising variety of colours and sizes. The park features birds from both Thailand and from overseas such as drawing birds, parrots, hornbills, macaws, ostriches and more.

The undoubtable highlight of the park is the bird show where you can discover just how brilliant and playful these birds are. Starting the show, parrots fly over the dome and others do fantastic tricks such as riding a bicycle, shooting the hoop and even figuring out calculations! Once you see the show, you’ll realize how smart they can be and you’ll definitely fall in love with them more and more. There are three shows daily, at 10:30, 13:30 and at 15:30.

Beside the bird show, there are also different amusing things to do such as visiting the big bird house and feeding the love birds. You can also have your photo taken with beautiful and colourful parrots, feed the rabbits, goats, fish and even the crocodiles. Just before the exit, you’ll find a souvenir shop selling T-shirts, hats, and dolls. It’s a fascinating park and your children will love it!




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