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When you are looking for any product in Phuket, Brand, take a great influence for your decision making, no matter what kind of products or service it is. When you travel to Phuket and looking for a good service or souvenir, brand is the first choice that you are thinking of. This is the main reason that we are going to introduce you about the ‘Phuket Brand’ that can guaranteed all the tourists or buyers that the products or service are under the standard, good quality and well accepted.

“Phuket Brand is the logo of products and services that passed the process of standard quality, safe and fair which can greatly present the Phuket” Mr. Pongthep Thongthep is the director of Phuket commercial office gave the definition of Phuket brand. Phuket province want to list those product that can be represent Phuket, tourists can get the products and service and greatly present Phuket. Create new standard for products and service in Phuket. If any product and service can passed the standard that the Phuket commercial office had approve will be choose and promoted under the Phuket brand.

            Products and Service that had been choose to be promoted under Phuket Brand can be classify into restaurants, spa, restaurant, local product, agriculture products and public transport. In each category need to be it own standard of qualification. For ‘spa’, need to get the standard qualification from department of public health. For ‘restaurant’ need to had to pass the clean food good taste award. For ‘public transport’ need to receive the safety from transport ministry. In the future, the standard will be divided into variety of side such as the ‘unique Brand’, Premium Brand’, and we are looking forward to be in the world standard program as well.

            Nowaday, we got about 60 partners in under our ‘Phuket Brand’ if you are looking or interesting to know more about the brand, please feel free to visit https://www.facebook.com/PhuketBrand/


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