Things Not To Do During a Dive


The beauty of the Andaman Sea attracts visitors from all over the world and the reason why divers come to Phuket and its neighboring islands is because of this area’s enchanting underwater world. However, in order to keep this underwater paradise in a pristine state so that our grandchildren can enjoy it, there are few general rules and tips to follow when diving.

Do not pick coral
Please bear in mind that the beautiful corals and living things in the sea are delicate. Just a small touch could destroy lives. By all means enjoy the view but don’t try to take it home with you.

Do not walk on coral

Coral is considered as very fragile; it’s easy to damage and destroy it. Be careful not to step on the coral, on sensitive plants, and animal life.

Do not feed marine life

Many ‘well-intentioned’ people feed fish and some divers love to bring bread for the marine life but this action eventually makes them aggressive over food and weakens their normal food-seeking instincts.

Do not leave things that don’t belong in the sea

Plastic waste and garbage is now a worldwide scourge, seriously affecting oceans all over the planet. We have already seen many heartbreaking examples of marine lives dying as a result of ingesting plastic bags and waste. Don’t be guilty of adding to this horrific problem.

Do not take any souvenirs back

All the beautiful corals, sea flowers, shells and livings belong in the sea. Please do not bring them back home with you.

Do not get too close to marine life

Scuba diving allows you to observe and get close to marine life. However, you should keep an appropriate distance from underwater life as getting too close up and personal stresses the sea creatures.


Do not shine artificial light directly on to marine life

Marine animals and plants react and adapt to light differently from land-based life. Seawater absorbs light much more strongly than above the waterline. Shining artificial light directly onto marine life can cause harm.


Do not support any illegal marine activities

Illegal marine activities include breaking fishing laws, poaching, trespassing in protected marine areas and polluting. Stay away from these even indirectly by not consuming shark fins and parrotfish.




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