Thai Boxing – A Healthy Martial Art

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Thai Boxing – A Healthy Martial Art

The raw aggressiveness and traditions involving Thai Boxing (‘Muay Thai) bout have justifiably made this branch of the martial arts famous around the world. Many people are avid followers of the sport – Thais and foreigners alike – so it perhaps comes as no surprise to learn that there are several Thai Boxing schools in Phuket. This is, for many, the ideal vacation; one in which you can achieve physical goals and still learn about a new culture. Phuket E Magazine would like to introduce you to some Thai boxing schools in Phuket.

Tiger Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts

With 15 years of experience and a solid reputation in the business, Tiger Muay Thai is considered as the top choice in Phuket of a Thai boxing academy with one of the most professional managing directors in the boxing business. The MD of Tiger Muay Thai taught Thai boxing and other self-defense arts in the USA for about 25 years before he opened Tiger Muay Thai. He’s used his experience to improve and make Tiger Muay Thai match and surpass international standards. Classes range from absolute beginners to advanced boxing levels and of course both sexes are welcome. There are also other martial arts classes at Tiger Muay Thai such as boxing, MMA (mixed martial arts), swordplay (for self-defense and physical training), fitness, yoga and weight training. You can count on about 50 experienced Thai boxing teachers here – all of whom have had experience in many fights and have won many belts before joining the academy. Most students book classes in advance before flying to Phuket. Some people stay for a week and some stay for a month or more. Many students come simply to relax and to learn Muay Thai at the same time. There’s a restaurant at the gym providing a healthy menu. Another selling point of Tiger Muay Thai is its open-sided high-ceilinged workout rooms that afford more cooling air. The area is well managed into zones and for safety, there is first-aid equipment while all staff members are experienced in CPR. Students who wish to attend here must submit a full doctor’s health checkup before joining a class. Muay Thai is not only a branch of the martial arts but it also offers excellent exercise, a sense of responsibility, and meditation opportunities. That’s the main reason why people come from all over the world just to learn Muay Thai.

Sapan Hin Muay Thai Gym

          ‘Ya’ or Mr. Alliats Buenaedama, a local boxing teacher, set up his gym at Saphan Hin in eastern Phuket Town with a passion. He wishes to see the younger generation pay more attention to Thai Boxing and to stay faithful to the art’s traditional culture. Ya uses his knowledge and experience to develop teaching techniques including ‘Wai Khru’ (paying respect to the teacher) how to hook, knee, elbow, kick the target and other methods step by step, level by level. Besides Ya, there are other professional teachers here who were full-time boxers before. For those who are interested to join a class it’s good to know that you don’t need to have the basics of Muay Thai, but you must inform the teacher if you have any personal health condition. Most people that come for training here are children, teenagers, and office people (especially ladies!) Because Muay Thai uses all parts of your body it can burn lots of calorie off and can be useful for self-defense in an emergency. If you want to learn at this gym, you don’t need to prepare anything as the gym has everything ready for the students, from boxing gloves to protective gadgets. Ya tells us that the oldest student to learn with him was 60 years old. So if you want to try, there’s nothing to stop you!


Siam Muay Thai Academy

Siam Muay Thai Academy puts emphasis on modern Thai boxing in the belief that Muay Thai is more than just fighting. The classes here range from exercising, weight loss and body-firming goals. Muay Thai here helps develop people’s personality, along with meditation. There are classes for children and ladies and for people that are still new to boxing. There are also other choices for fitness activities such as yoga, Zumba dancing and Zattle dance (a mix between Zumba and combat dancing). There is also a special Muay Thai ‘Music Move’ (a special dance that uses postures from Muay Thai) along with many other related activities for students as well as accommodation, with ample parking space available.




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