Sweet Creations for Valentine’s Day

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Phuket E Magazine would like to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with selected dessert dishes from several shops in Phuket Town. Each dish had been carefully chosen for appearance, texture, and taste. Moreover, each dish is not only delicious but it’s also packed with love that acts as its inspiration!

Mustard Café

‘Just say Cheese’

Valentine’s Choux Cream Cheese is a special creation from the Mustard Café created especially for this romantic day. This Cream Cheese dish is to be enjoyed by lovers sitting together and saying ‘cheese’, while smiling and feeling the love in the air. Choux Cream is a well-known dish at the shop and each one is baked with lots of love as well as a cream filling mixed with raspberry and strawberry jam. Besides the lovely dishes served here, the café itself also enjoys a romantic atmosphere that will help you and your loved one to feel right at home.



Torry’s Ice Cream

‘This ice cream is bitter and sweet – the same as love that can be happy and bitter at the same time.’

For ice cream lovers, Torry’s ice-cream has come up with new flavours created just for this Valentine’s Day. The chef pairs dark chocolate and sweet pink milk under the concept Bitter and Sweet Valentine’s special flavour. The dish consists of strong bitter chocolate ice-cream with a crunchy chocolate balls filling with wild raspberries. The pink ice cream dish is complemented by a heavy milk and red syrup filling with white choco balls. These two combinations best represent the bitter and sweet aspects of love itself.



The Feelsion Café

‘No matter what day it is, the two of us spending time together makes it special.’

At The Feelsion Café, instead of giving your lover a big bouquet, you can do it with just two sweet flowers Prakakong in the dish. The sweet filling has a beautiful aroma and the creation is carefully molded into an elegant floral shape. But at the café there’s not only the sweet taste of flowers – there are other Valentine’s Day treats such as pink noodles, rose dessert and white lotus dessert. There are also special drinks for this Valentine’s season.



Crepe is Crepe Phuket

‘Love has different tastes – sour, sweet, soft, and crunchy’

For those fun lovers who already understand each other very well, we recommend Crepe best Berry Nutella with a crispy flour wrap over fresh berries, served with vanilla ice-cream. When you eat this crispy wrap with sweet ice-cream and sour berries, the texture and taste will explode in your mouth and make you feel love. Enjoying the crepe with your loved one is the best time for romance. There’s also pink milk ice cubes to share together.



The Baker’s Bar by Pikgo Café

‘Sometimes love can be complicated, it takes time but the result of the happiness lasts longer … the same as croissants.’

The Baker’s Bar is a new project opened by Pikgo Café that offers homemade baking products and pastries ranging from cakes, doughnuts, pies, puffs, pizzas and croissants. The house special are the croissants with their top-quality ingredients and they take time and skill to prepare so croissants like these are not easy to find. The chef recommends Strawberry Chocolate Croissant. This is a special dish for Valentine’s Day and the distinctive pink of the croissant comes from strawberry jam that’s mixed with the flour with a chocolate, meringue, and fresh strawberry topping. These croissants have a crispy texture on their outside while they’re soft and creamy on the inside – just like young lovers! Mmmm!









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