Phuket Pearl the Jewel of the Andaman


Phuket is also known as ‘The Pearl of the Andaman’, which is a fitting moniker as the island is home to the biggest sea pearl farm in Thailand.

Most people are familiar with the name Phuket Pearl Group as it’s been in business for a long time but you may not know that the technology in pearl production has advanced a lot in the past few years. Still, the Phuket Pearl Group has been in pearl production for over 40 years now and is the undisputed leader in the market.

Mr. ‎Saran Somrak‎ of the Phuket Pearl Group explains that the business started with his grandfather and grandmother. They worked for a Japanese pearl farm operating in Phuket and after the Japanese left they carried on the business, eventually handing it down to the third generation. There’s been a lot of research and working with different institutions to make the pearl planation more productive. In the first generation they merely exported the pearls but later the Pearl Group started to design its own pearls in order to cater for the fashion market. They have also expanded in different departments to improve their products and marketing and have made the showroom of the factory and gallery into a one-stop-service. They’ve also developed their accessories brand under the ‘Amorn’ brand name and have continually ameliorated their brand to where it is now a world-class product. Phuket Pearl have designed the crown for many beauty competitions such as Miss Grand Phuket, Miss Thailand World and for international customers such as Miss Myanmar, Miss Switzerland, Miss Singapore and today the pearl farm is also open for the tourism business. All pearls come with a guarantee certificate.

To visit the pearl farm is a new, fun, and interesting experience. Mr. Saran tells us that the farm is a true outdoor classroom for adults and for children as well. He says, “In fact the information about pearl farming should be keep as a secret and most people will not explain how they run their business, but our management team decided that some information should be shared with people who are interested. So, that’s the reason why we have a showroom to explain the lifecycle of the pearl and the difference between various pearls. How you can differentiate between real ones and fakes? And what is the full process involved so that it finally becomes an accessory?”  The farm located in the Laem Hin area shows how they nurse oysters so they can produce pearls.

Mr. Saran also explains that pearls are considered as unique jewelry, as you can, in the right light, see seven colours reflected in them, just like the rainbow. A real pearl is not usually one color and the shape is not purely round. Importantly, real and natural pearls should have spots or dots. Thus each one will be unique and pearls are the only jewelry that cannot be ground like diamonds and other gems.  Now the government has registered the Phuket Pearl Group under the GI certificate so Phuketians should be proud that our island’s pearls are a world-class luxury item.

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