Phijittra Dragon Boat


Sea Dragon is another name knows for Phuket Island as the island look like the dragon. And because majority of Phuketian are Chinese, thus, the belief of the sea dragon had been in their spirit. To be experience on Phijittra Dragon Boat and see the beautiful of Andaman sea is consider as another way of learning Phuket’s culture and traditional.  We are talking about sunset viewing from the boat over Andaman sea together with enjoying special dinner buffet.

After arrival Chalong Pier at the meeting point before 5 PM. There will be a staff waiting for at the pier. We need to take the speed boat before get in the dragon boat. It took only 5 minutes on the speedboat. You can be easily notice Phujittra Dragon Boat as the boat very outstanding with the unique decoration with the dragon head in front. The outside is colorful with the Chinese style when compare with other boat around. When you are on the boat, you can see all the detail more clearly. As the spectacular of the decoration make you feel like you are in the royal palace. The wood carvers into different shape such as dragon, swan, flower, lion decoration on the pillar, doors, and windows and on the deck. The boat has total 3 floors; the first floor is the dinner room. The second floor is the karaoke room, shower room and toilet. On the top floor will be a private room for a private group. When you inspect all over the boat, you will be many cool spot to take photos. The boat start to move with slow speed. I choose to sit on the top floor in front of the boat. I believe this is the great spot to see the view for 180 degree. During the boat move, you can see many tourist start to get back from the islands and get back to Phuket, Fisherman boats and yachts all over the sea. There is a new screen that you not normally see every day.

The Hi-light of the trip is when the boat arrived between Koh Kaew Pitsadan and Laem Promthep. This is much better than watching the sunset at Leamprothem itself. I feel more exclusive, closer to the sun and the view was so romantic.

After watching the sunset, the boat slowing turn back and heading to the old route back to Cholong pier. However, the sun gone and all the decoration light stark up, it gave another luxury, romantic feeling. All over the sea is darker and you start to see the light from the island. For me is a great change to relax on the deck. Some tourists went down to karaoke room to enjoy the music at the 2nd floor. At 19:45 hour the boat will arrived at Chalong Pier and we back to the island on the speedboat again.

I also got a chance to talk with the CEO and was informed that the boat was decorated in China. CEO found the different from other tourist boat in Phuket. And also believe as Phuket got the influence and most of population of Phuketian are China, the boat should bring up the right combination. Beside the sunset dinner buffet that I joined, here also a day trip program to the nearby islands. Also any private team building, private party, engagement party are also available as optional service as well.

Phijittra Dragon Boat just starts to operate to too long ago. It consider as a new business in Phuket. I would like to invite you to try this new enchanted experience and view the sunset from the boat over Andaman sea.

For reservation, please contact Andaman Feel Free Company at 076 510 427, 094 584

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